Nov 2, 2007

Batang Yagit conquers Brunei

Is this street named after the brother of Julia Roberts? Maybe not.

This is just one of the few street names that can be found in Brunei. Jalan is a Malay word which means street in the English language.

During my short stay in Negara Brunei Darrusalam, I learned a few things about the country. Brunei was once under the British Protectorate. It's a small but powerful country. The population of Brunei won't even reach a million.

Unlike in Manila, Brunei has an organized road and traffic system. I'm impressed on how disciplined the drivers in Brunei are. Similar to other Asian countries, Brunei's vehicles employ a right hand drive system. I was having some difficulty in crossing streets 'coz I get confused on which part of the road to look first. Hehehehe.

Stuffs in Brunei are expensive. While I was exploring their mall, my hand was doing the conversion. The prices in Brunei are almost twice as that of in Malaysia.

I'm supposed to go back to Brunei this Saturday but I opted not to. I feel to tired and I don't want to spend some dollars for another Brunei trip

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Batang Yagit


Blogie said...

ha? walang mga garapal na driver sa brunei? walang magulo't nakakamatay na traffic? walang polusyon? ang boring naman! :P

richard said...

wow! i wanna go there! ahhehe.. how i wish!

w8,! remember ralph gregor tan? he's a friend of mine.. hhehee.. regards daw...

Aice said...

naks ang galing naka punta kana Malaysia ^_^ that very nice kasi your enjoying your work at the same time not just work :D

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow!!! wla akong masabi! heheh :P

ayel said...

wow naman. i wish i could travel there too at tumambay sa mga kalsada nila.

Earvin said...

Ang funny.

Waltzib said...

Good for you to travel there.

It is interesting that "jalan" refer to street. Di ba diri sa ato ang dtreet is "dalan." paryente ra jud noh? It is evident our Malay kinship with the people in Borneo island shows up in our languages.

Waltzib said...

(This version please) It is interesting that "jalan" refers to street in Brunei. Di ba diri sa ato ang street is "dalan." Paryente ra jud noh? It is evident that our Malay kinship with the people in Borneo island shows up in our languages.

Batang Yagit said...

@blogie: wala ata kuya. hahaha.. boring kasi konti lang ang public transport. most of the people here drive their own car.

@richard: yep i know him. hehhehe. paregards din.

@aice: hehee..medyo.

@jehz: lol. amf ang chopper mo.

@ayel: lol. hehehe

@waltzib: yeah, Bahasa Malaysia has similarities with tagalog pero mas malapit sya sa Bisaya. hehehe

Ria Jose said...

Sana di mo nakalimutan ang pangako mong pasalubong para sa paborito mong Ate... si Ate Ria!

Aethen said...

Susunod lang ako sau, kua winston ah. Hehe. Halong and enjoy your business there. :)

Pasalubong pagbalik. hirit lng. :)

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