Sep 1, 2007

On Hiatus next week

Now I'm drifting. I can't think of anything to blog. Hahahhaa..

I might be on another hiatus next week. Is this to give way to my busy schedule. (hahahah). Nope. I will be again away from the modern civilization for three days starting Wednesday. My clas will be having a retreat. I am given no choice but to go. No computers. No internet (just my phone). No going home. That's one hell for my techy life.

What else? Hmmm.... Alleba Politics made a reaction regarding my previous post. Ate Ria asked for a copy of the recently released issue of the Atenews. It's a single sheet tabloid size special edition intended only for the issues on the injustices of the Ateneo OSA.

Lastly, don't forget to vote for the Pinoy Evil Blog Awards. You must register first before you can start casting your vote. My campaign manager, Kuya Andrew de la Serna, is already taking care on promoting my nomination. Hahahaa.. And Jehzeel too, who happened to be one of the organizers of the said award. You can check my poll at the Boy Bastos Category.

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Batang Yagit


Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahahaha!! yeah!! u rock! boy bastos ka na!!! ilagay mo sa blog mo yan.. malapit ka na manalo.. ilang araw nalang ^_^

kirbitz said...


I strongly agree with tol Jehz!

BTW. changed your blog's address already.hehe

.com big-time ka na ngayon ha.hehe

Congrats tol!

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