Sep 11, 2007

Ateneo students can now view grades online

Good news for Ateneans (Davao) like me. There's no need for us to fall in line at the registrar's office to see our grades. The grades and account balance can now be inquired through the University Website.

A lot of students, and parents, have been requesting this feature before so that grades and account balance can be inquired online. Thanks to the Ateneo Webteam that they have fabricated this system that could make use of the finance and registrar records to integrate it with the existing web site.

The Ateneo myAccount Login Page.

I didn't notice this feature not until one of our colleagues opened the Ateneo Website to check her grades. I was amazed that they already installed this feature. It might be helpful for those students who would want to reduce the hassle of queuing at the finance and registrar's office.

I still remember the time where I was part of the Ateneo Web Team. It was proposed before that this system should be implemented since it would benefit to the students a lot. But for some administrative issues, the proposal was rejected. I'm so glad they have approved it this time.

To access the Ateneo myAccount feature, click on the Quick Links drop down menu at the right panel of the Ateneo Homepage. It's so sad that they did not make it evident on the site's navigation. A lot of students are still not aware of this.

For first time users who have not changed their passwords, use your 5-digit Student ID for the Student ID Field and the long set of numbers (and a letter) under your ID's barcode as your password.

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Batang Yagit

1 comment:

yoshke said...

wow, good for you.

hehe, wala na ko masabi. Sa UP, medyo matagal na yang grades viewing.

Galing ng Ateneo de Davao a. Tinalo nyo yung ADMU sa recent top universities list! Last year din eh.

Iniisip ko tuloy, sa Ateneo de Davao na lang kaya ako magmasters? Hehe. Joke lang. Sa ADMU kasi ko balak magmasters.

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