Sep 17, 2007

The gym's getting crowded

I've been working out at the gym for three weeks now. Most often, I go to the gym during peak hours because it's the only time where I got no class. Nothing much have changed on my physique but changes can be noticed inside the gym. For three weeks, we have seen new gym enrollees entering the gym everyday. We get to see more or less two enrollees being oriented on the gym facilities everyday.

It's my habit to always take a shower after my 2-hour workout. But this evening, I didn't have the chance to do so. The male locker room was so crowded that there were still few people waiting to take their turn outside the shower cubicles. I didn't want to wait and I immediately left.

I was not the only person who noticed the increase of people enrolled in the gym. My friend, Henelsie, said that she noticed it too. We both saw the numerous number of unclaimed membership cards at the front desk. Whew.

I wish I can get a good class schedule next semester so that I don't need to go to gym during peak hours.

P.S. I noticed a week ago that local talents from ABS-CBN are enrolled in our gym too. Ala lang.

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