Sep 30, 2007

Tattoo, never

A design I found from the star tattoos gallery.

While browsing the internet, i found this tattoo gallery where they feature different tattoo designs. When I was a kid, I heard that one of my uncle in Mati was scolded because he was discovered having a tattoo on his back. That was the time that "having a tattoo is bad" was instilled on my mind.

Aside from that, I also heard rumors that people with tattoos must
have been from prison. Of course, I don't people to mistake me as an ex-convict. They also say that people with tattoo might not be able to donate blood because they're blood is not good. (Probably because of the ink). Well I'm not sure with that but still, even if I have no tattoos on, I won't be donating blood anyway.

Lastly, they said that the you won't be able to have your VISA (for whatever country you want to go) approved if they find out that you have a tattoo. Of course I don't want to have tattoo as a reason why I can't travel abroad.

I don't know if these rumors are true. Whether it's true or not, I won't be having any permanent tattoo on my body.

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Batang Yagit

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