Sep 27, 2007

I already got my renewed passport

Last week, I went to the office of the Department of Foreign Affairs to renew my passport which is going to expire this October. I was able to claim the new passport this afternoon. I noticed that they made several changes in the passport layout and content. Hmmm... the one that I had five years ago has no barcode. The photo and passport data are now placed on the first page. It was on the back of the front cover before.

One thing I noticed under my Limitations is

Not Valid for Travel to Iraq

Hahahaha... It's so funny. I have no intentions of going to Iraq. I would rather have a facelift Chicago than a experience war and terrorism in Iraq.

Anyway, I was amazed this time that the process did not stress me. I can still remember five years ago when I processed my first passport application. It was so stressful and energy-draining. But this time, I only submitted the application form and the photos, paid the fees and waited for a week. The queue was not that much either. Best of all, the system is better than it was before.

To end up all, I would like to thank those people behind the Department of Foreign Affairs who processed my passport. Thanks. I might use this one next month.

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Batang Yagit


Allen said...

I heard that if you go to places like that and you don't have a beard, you have to prepare yourself for a butt enlargement... Are you up to the challenge ? bwahhaha

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wahahahaa butt enlargement? amfnesssssssssssSS!

teka wins... galing mo nasingit mo :D

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