Sep 2, 2007

Earning through blogging

Making money from your blog is "in" now. I know some people who were successful in monetizing their blogs. Barely a month ago, I applied into this Blog to Profit program which was referred to me by Kai. After a week of blogging, I was able to earn a few hundreds.

So how does this Blog To Profit idea work?

SEO. The internet traffic today is mostly driven by search engine referrals. People look for content inside the search engine instead of memorizing domain names or URLs. When a consumer needs to purchase something, he/she would rather search the search engine than look for the URL of the seller who would most likely sell that product. This is the reason why search engine marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into the picture. Sellers and marketers would want their content to be on top of the search engine's results. How do they do this? Linking.

How does linking relate to Blog to Profit?
Blog to Profit works this way.

  • Blot to Profit accepts link jobs from advertisers and marketers.
  • Blog to Profit distributes these link jobs to their publishers (like me)
  • Publishers make blog entries
  • Publishers include the link job in each of his entries
  • Publishers get paid for each link posted in his blog

Though the system works that easy, there are still some considerations to be considered before they could accept your website in their program. They must first consider your blog's PR. Second is the search engine listing of your blog. Third is the relevance of your blog. Lastly, they also consider the platform of the blog you are using. (they don't accept Blogger Blogs).

After the deadline, the company will transfer the money to your bank account or deposit it on Western Union. I prefer the former since it won't give you any hassle of going to a Western Union branch just to claim your prize.

Just a while ago, I registered for Bidvertiser to replace my banned AdSense account.

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Batang Yagit

1 comment:

kirbitz said...

Thanks for the mention BatYags. ;)

I am yet to gain Considerable amount because of my blog's age and also because paypal is not available in the philippines.

Earning from blogging do come with time. Just give readers worthwhile posts.

Thanks again tol!

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