Sep 11, 2007

I have to send an SMS to 1400 people, how will I do that?

I was asked, or rather volunteered, to send an SMS announcement to all the graduating students of our school as part of our yearbook campaign. The problem is, how am I supposed to send an SMS to 1400 graduating students? How can I save money?

Luckily, I still have my Sony Ericsson K608i and my Bluetooth Dongle to do the Job.

  1. Download the latest copy of My Phone Explorer Application. It's an application which can manage your phonebook, messages, files, messages and so much more. It also has a feature which allows you to send and receive messages.

  2. Organize and segregate the recipient's numbers according to the network in which they belong. Since the numbers are already stored in our database, it's easier for my to organize and separate the numbers. I used a simple "WHERE number LIKE '0910%'" SQL string. If you don't know how to use MySQL, you may also use Excel to organize these numbers.

  3. Generate the format used by My Phone Explorer in sending a message to multiple recipients. My Phone Explorer follows the 091012345678; 09282231123; format for multiple recipients. Notice the semicolon every after a recipient's number. The semicolon here acts like a delimiter to separate numbers. If you are using an Excel worksheet for this, you may generate a CVS File (Comma Separated Values) and using Notepad or any word processor, replace the commas with semi-colons.

  4. Connect the Sony Ericsson K608i to the computer using a Bluetooth Serial Communications Port. The manner of connecting varies with the type of Bluetooth Driver you have. Please refer to your driver's documentation on how to connect to a serial device. Don't forget to use the necessary SIM (preferably loaded with unlimited texting service) for the recipient's network. You can save a lot by using the same network as that of your recipients.

  5. Set-up your My Phone Explorer. My Phone Explorer will automatically detect the open communications port on its first use. It will guide you in setting-up a connection with your phone. The set-up is easy and quick. But in case you will have problems, please refer to the Help file or Documentation file of My Phone Explorer.

  6. Send the message or announcement by selecting the compose icon in the messages toolbar. Paste the list you have generated in number 3 at the recipient text box. Click send and wait for a few minutes as the program starts to send messages to the numbers posted in the text box.
That's a six step on how you could easily send messages to multiple recipients. This could greatly reduce the risk of sending problems. A lot of savings can also be made.

Note : My Phone Explorer is compatible to sony ericsson phones only.

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Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow thanks for sharing this useful post ^_^ i have to text 10k numbers kasi.. bwahahaha! :P

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