Sep 15, 2007

Somebody pissed me off

Ever experienced receiving complaints from people who does not think before complaining? I just did.

I was doing another sms broadcast session to my dear 1400 Kalasag subscribers when I received an sms which drove the hell out of me. The sms that I sent to these students was regarding the extension of the deadline for the Kalasag graduate pictorials. Below is the sms I sent the graduates.

My Message:

Kalsag pictorials r Xtnded til Oct 06. Subscri/Soli still on Sept 29.

Chck ur pics and prfiles. Klsg exhibit on Monday n front of elvtr. Pls be free 2 visit.

This was the reply I got from +639209453380 (using +639180000502 SMS Center, Saturday, 9/15/2007).

@11:12:32 P.M. from +639209453380

U should, its because of the inconvience that you give to the students for the pictorial, students need to wait 3 to 8 hours to be able to pic by the cheap and unprof photographers of the *** ***** studio. To editor in staff pls think and reflect on the decision that you made for choosing *** *****. f.Y.I we the students dont care how much are we going to pay for kalasag pic as long their quality and save time. WAKE UP KALASAG staff. Wake wake up.

My reply:

You were given more than a month for the graduate pictorials. 7 days a week wasn't bad at all. its just that lots of students have the "mamaya na" habit which caused a lot of delays. If you have complains regarding the services of *** ***** studio, please address it to Mr. ***** **, owner of ** Studio.

@11:27:14 P.M from +639209453380

Ei, try to interview former students. They dont wait for almost 8 hours for a kalasag pic. Am i ryt? NCCC MALL? Is far frm addu?And the studio accepts other client also. They dont have a clean toga or polo for the kalasag pic. This is first time in the history of kalasag.

I didn't give my reply, to end the issue. Complaining about faulty or unsatisfactory services is not bad at all. In fact, it can help the person, group or company being complained to improve their product or services. The bad thing is when the complaint is delivered in an unethical manner.

The sender, who's number appeared above, did not introduce himself/herself. Second, he/she used a different number from those present in our database. If you want your complaints to be addressed properly, then let us know who we are talking to. "Explain before you complain", just like what Joey de Leon said.

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Batang Yagit


the philosphical bastard said...

paolo's thought bubble.. here's how my reply would go:

"well good for you. keep up that opinionated spirit and may you live long enough to use it properly. kthnxbye!"

Anonymous said...

abah! is there such a term as "editor in staff"? wahahaha... besides, if you're such a camera-loved-individual material, there's neither cheap nor unprofessional photographers at that. hmmmm... just maybe, maybe... you're not that type! hehehe... *peace*

Buddy Migs said...

Joey ikaw ba yan?


Taray ni kuya winston!


it was right to answer the "hate text". i'm sure it made that gtexter feel better.. but made you feel angry about it.

texter is complaining about the pics not being issued quickly - well if only every student cooperates with the procedure then they can complain if problem like this comes up.

texter is also complaining about the quality of the pic - hmmm... maybe you could look into this.. maybe its really a valid complaint.

as to the manner by which texter gave the message - kuya winston, now that you are going "public" (may balak ka bang tumakbong student council member? at gamitin ang text for campaign - ehem.. ).. expect more of these types of messages from people who thinks that na naiisahan sila.


Allen said...

Haha that was very cowardly. if he/she wanted to argue, he should introduce himself first. It's similar to a flamer using anonymous to hide their identity.. :D

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