Sep 28, 2007

Cousin Matt's Christening this Sunday

My 9-month old cousin Matthew is going to be Baptized this Sunday. It will be at St. Francis of Assisi in Ma-a, Davao City. His older sister Krisha was also baptized in St. Francis.

Months before, my Tita was asking me if I could be Matt's Godfather. I declined her offer. If that'd be the case, I'll be obliged to buy three sets of gifts. One for Matt and two for her two older sisters. It would be unfair if I'd only give gifts to Matt alone. So to make things fair, for me and for my cousins, I declined my Tita's offer. Hahahaha... I'm just trying to escape the responsibilities she's trying to push on me.

Matt, at nine months, already have his two front teeth. He can slowly walk now. We're wondering what other talents he has. He might be the next Mayor of Davao City or maybe another good political figure like George Lindemann. Who knows?

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