Sep 18, 2007

Food Trip: Tatuts Fastfood

I've seen this restaurant (or more of a fastfood) a couple of times while passing the Ilustre area. TATUTS Fastfood, which is located at Governor Duterte Street and fronting Shakey's Pizza, displays a theme which can make its guests feel at home. The restaurant location used to belong to Abe's where I used to eat hot thai food. Most of dishes served here are Filipino dishes. They also have different varieties of noodle dishes. (Palabok, malabon, canton, etc.)

The restaurant's interiors.

Since I badly need food, I happen to pass by TATUTS and decided to have my dinner here. I was their last customer for the day. Upon entering the restaurant, I saw a spring chicken poster beside their door. Since it was the first thing that I saw, I deliberately ordered a half spring chicken. It was a bit expensive (compared to the other local restaurants in the city) but it was fulfilling. The chicken maintained its tenderness and juiciness. The taste is similar to home-cooked fried chicken.

The Spring Chicken that I ordered. Php 95.00

Aside from the good food they serve, the restaurant is also furnished with decorations your mother would surely love. The decorations and lamps made the place more accommodating and homey.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm. It's a perfect place for lunch, snacks and dinner. Your home away from home.

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Batang Yagit


Kuya Wakks said...

mao diay not much changes sa imong physique after 3 weeks of workout sa gym.....he he he i didn't know you have such an appetite...pagamay-gamay lang ka pero......he he he joke lang.

richard said...

makadaan nga dyan.. pero ang mahal naman, 1 cup of rice at isang spring chicken, php95??? ahheheeh.. siguro sa tabitabi na lang.. :-)

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow sarap naman nyan! hehehe 95 pesos lang.. hayyy i miss davao.. hehehehe...

kasi spring chicken dito sa manila nasa 100+ huhuhu.. buti pa dyan.. lalo na sa CIBO amf.. 300! manok lang na 1/4 hehehe.. yummy yummy!!!

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