Sep 2, 2007

Getting fit and healthy

I started going out to the gym yesterday with my buddies. I used my earnings from blogging to enroll myself in a 3-month gym program. It was not a serious one actually since these buddies already finished their licensure examination, they might not be doing anything aside from their work. So they decided to go to the gym to trim down their bodies because they earned weight after our durian trips in the city. They invited me to go with them and for no concrete reason, I agreed.

We were a bit nervous at first since we are still gym neophytes. (hahahaha). We don't have idea which equipment to use, what to do and where to go. Thank God the people there are accomodating. (I have to mention Mating, the front desk girl who accompanied us) So we were assigned to a gym instructor Tophe.

Kuya Tophe was the one who taught us which equipment to use. We had a cardio exercise, legs, arms and back exercise. I hate the machine for tricep and bicep exercise. It made my muscles tremble. Whew. It's not bad for first time though.

Anyway, one of my buddies texted me this morning asking me what time we are going this afternoon. I guess she's excited. Lol.

P.S. I found one classmate who goes to the same gym. At least I have someone to go with when these buddies are at work.

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Batang Yagit


Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahahaha! lalaki na katawan mo nyan! bwahahahah! go wins go go go! :P

Andrew said...

Like I said, Ate Ria is just waiting for you to bulk up. Wins a date with Ria Jose!!

fruityoaty said...

I just joined my local gym 2 months ago. I'm into it for just general fitness and heart smart lifestyle (not really about "looking good", although that's a bonus, hehe).

By the way, congrats on winning the Boy Bastos category in the Pinoy Evil Blog Awards. I just looked at the polls an hour ago and the polls indicate you won with 31% of the vote (10 votes for you). But the results aren't official yet, so maybe that will change.

I apparently got 2nd place in "Most Kickass Writer of the Year". Hehe, maybe I should've blogged about it and asked my readers to vote for me, but I didn't. Hehe.

kirbitz said...


Lalaki nga braso mo nyan! ignat ka!hehe

Saka ko pa nakita comment mo sa blog ko. .

Bai, youre still the best!



Ang lupet mo bay!

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