Sep 30, 2007

An Open Letter to Yahoo! Mail

Dear Yahoo! Mail,

I've been been a registered user of Yahoo since I was in first year high school. I was still an internet newbie back then. I was so amazed how e-mails work and how I could possible send a message to the other part of the world in seconds.

I was also fascinated on how you broke the old ways of sending messages. From hand written letters to plain electronic texts, you introduced multimedia in e-mails. I was one of those Yahoo Greetings fanatics. Everytime I go online, for no particular reason that I can remember, I usually check Yahoo Greetings for new electronic greeting cards. And whenever I find something new, I immediately send it to my few friends who has a Yahoo Email account.

E-mail in those days, as I remember, is usually associated with you. All of my friends use Yahoo mail in e-mails. The storage capacity was not even a problem back then. I was contented with the 6MB e-mail inbox capacity you have provided me. I even thought it was too much. I usually occupy less than 50% of my inbox during those days.

But my attention was driven to Google when GMail was still on its early stage. I was one of those people who were privileged to get an invitation to try GMail. During this time, I already understand how email systems work. I was fascinated with GMail to the point of forgetting you. The features that GMail offer is incomparable to what you already have. The storage was not even 10% of what GMail gives to their users.

I did not leave you yet. I still use you is receiving e-mails. You were my first love. I did not even bother asking other people to forward their emails on my Gmail account. But as time passed by, my fascination for you faded away. You were nothing compared to my Gmail account. But you tried to cope up. You provided us with more storage. You even tried to compete the AJAX powered interface of Gmail.

I am writing this letter to you because I am so disappointed with you. I hate the way you manage SPAM E-mails. A friend once sent me a Gmail invitation and you treated it as a spam because you were mad with gmail. Another friend, who is one of those Sacramento plastic surgeons, sent me a personal e-mail containing his business promotion, you considered it a spam. I have to digg my Bulk folder just to find that business promotion which I asked from them. Up to date, most of the e-mail I receive in your inbox are spam. I got tired of checking you everyday.

Your 'Mark as Spam' feature must be broken because I still receive these annoying spam messages. Ninety percent of my inbox are spam messages. Even if I have marked it as spam, it always keep coming back on my inbox. As of the time I wrote this line, two spam mails have already popped out of my screen.

I can never rely on you again like the way I did few years ago. In fact, you S*CK. Yes Yahoo Mail, you S*CK. Everytime I open your page, what I see is the Yahoo! Mail Loser logo. You are almost out of the scene.

Goodbye my old friend.

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Batang Yagit


beejing said...

The Title B.Y. is not appropriate. It should be "HATE LETTER" hehehe! Anyway, I'd be in Davao next week. Hope we could meet. I need to get your autograph, hehehe!

Jehzeel Laurente said...

yebah!! yahoo sucksss badly! hehehehe ^___^

kaya mag Gtalk ka na rin! let's kill yahoo messenger slowly ^_^

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